Praying for the best

It’s January 18, one week away from the start of my Masters of Graphic Design design program, and still reeling from the news that lockdown has been extended until February 8. Autocorrect just offered 3 German words to replace my misspelling of the word “Awful” in a Whatsapp chat.

And speaking of Whatsapp, it seems the app is doomed to be slandered every five years, only to regain its reputation and have it flourish once more as the hub of poorly designed greetings, commonly shared by family members in group chats.

Anyway, what’s for dinner? Oh, you need an FFP2 mask to buy ingredients from dinner? Where do they sell FFP2 masks? At the grocery store where you buy dinner ingredients?

FYI, we’re having schnitzel for dinner.

FYI, this is my first blog post on this website. Let’s get this straight, I’m only starting this blog as part of my Masters program. There is no other reason I would willingly subject the public to my subpar writing skills.

This was enough for you, I hope. Send the world healing thoughts and blessings, leave a witty remark in the comments below, take your dog on walks more often.

See you next week!

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