GDE730: Week 12 – Talqeet

What is Talqeet?

A vernacular Levantine verb, in its infinitive form, meaning “to pick” or “pluck”.

To recap the idea from Week 11, Talqeet is a wild edibles foraging club in Jordan that operates on a subscription basis and provides members with educational resources, recipes, and other goodies to inspire and encourage participation in a community setting.

Members will learn to forage safely and respectfully in an attempt to revive this beloved cultural practice and promote the regeneration of precious wild plants.

As a club that operates online, I wanted to explore how it could work, as well as some potential partners, giveaways, and public outreach to ensure a smooth launch.


The club will be hosted on the platform Patreon, where its return will be based on its popularity and participation.

Patreon offers a communal online space that is accessible through a monthly payment system. This ensures that Talqeet as a club is maintaining a financial return to conduct its activities as well as any other goodies on offer to its members. Various media types are supported through Patreon, including video, image, type. Through its partner program, a Discord server can be set up for speech and text chat.

The suggested pricing plan of 10 JOD / Month to access all tiers of membership.

A prototype of this Patreon page can be seen at

Welcome Gift

As a part of the club, welcome gifts will be sent to all new members of the club.

The gift would include –

A set of three badges, a postcard, and a pair of branded foraging gloves.

In Week 11, I developed a logo for the club based on the name in English and Arabic. A simple illustration of Thyme leaves provided a visual accompaniment to the visual appearance. The two fonts, Khalas in Arabic (by Jordanian designer HeyPorter!) and Misto in English (by Ukrainian designer Katerina Korolevtseva) are the main features of this logo. The duo chromatic, a muted bubble gum pink and a dark, grainy, forest green, play the role of the visual descriptors for the club. The combination of fresh pine and delicious desserts.

For the pins, I developed two more plant illustrations that can be used for various elements in the gift package. The three plants include Wild Thyme, Mallow, and Fennel, three popular wild plants found in Jordan.

The design for the pins was kept simple: round, flat, and with a gold border, placed on a cardboard backing with the Arabic and English name for each wild plant.

The foraging gloves were kept simple, but with a witty addition: each glove features the imperative forms of the words “pluck” and “pick”.

A promotional postcard with the logo was designed as a call to action for our Patreon page. This call to action would not be for the person who receives the package, but rather for a friend who is sent the postcard.

Finally, to tie it all together, I decided to go the extra mile with the packaging as I knew it would make a great first impression on members, especially in Jordan, where high-quality items are valued more than something that might appear to be hand-made.

The box is comprised of three main items: a cardboard mailer, custom printed with the colors and logo inside the box as well as outside of it. Tissue paper featuring the wild plant illustrations would protect the items inside. And to seal it all, I’ve designed a sticker saying “Ahlan wa Sahlan” or “welcome” in Arabic. These little tissues are important for the overall experience when joining the club.

Public Outreach through Media Partnerships

A cost-effective solution for public outreach would be to distribute posters about the club around cafes and cultural centers where our audiences may more likely visit. The only cost incurred would be the printing of the posters, which I would estimate only 50 are needed for a good coverage around west Amman as a start.

Special events with partners

Wild Jordan cafe or Shams El Balad would be great avenues to host special, one-time cooking events using the ingredients collected by members of the foraging club. These partnership events would not incur any costs if a deal is negotiated for cross-promotion.

Cost Breakdown

The cost of the monthly membership is 10 JODs. Assuming that at least 25 members will join and retain their membership throughout the year, that will generate 3,000 JODs to cover the cost of 100 welcome gift packages.

The deal with our partners would be for an equal split of any profits from the memberships. That would be the total cost of the packages subtracted from the membership earnings annually.

For the first year, welcome packages would also be gifted to influential figures for cross-promotional opportunities.

Future Developments

The original club offering can be seen as an exciting new activity for urban residents of cities in Jordan. While there are similar projects like Talqeet that exist or have been conducted in the past, they were not as accessible to the public or had little else to offer than a stroll in nature. The idea behind Talqeet is to take it from being just a club of foraging and nature enthusiasts to become a valuable educational resource for the country. As outlined in the SWOT analysis, there are quite a few promising opportunities that can be developed for the future, if the club is successful in its first few years:

  • The information gathered from the club can potentially be published as a comprehensive guide on foraging in the country. This includes instructional videos, ecological preservation guides, and even community recipes.
  • Collaboration with the Greater Amman Municipality is crucial in serving this project beyond its online activities. This can range from assistance in locating safe foraging spaces to collaborating on media partnerships to reach a wider audience in the country.
  • There are exciting opportunities to partner up with the culinary art school or even some of Amman’s edgier cafes and restaurants to develop new recipes for wild foraged edibles.

The full proposal can be found here

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